Plugging Talent into the Workforce

World Business Chicago supports programs to lift Chicago’s workforce in training and access to careers.

Mission We connect Chicago employers to talent and workforce and the robust network of higher education institutions and workforce development agencies, who are ready to help you identify the necessary for your business to succeed.  Through our network, we can also amplify the work and messaging of non-profits serving this sector and bring awareness to valuable resources and messaging. 



Plugging Talent into the Workforce

Workforce and Talent Numbers

  • 3+ million working-age adults are within a 50-minute commute of downtown Chicago, and more than 1.2 million are ages 18-34.
  • 38.5% of the population over 24 have a bachelor’s degree or higher—more than the national average (31.3%) and the highest of the five largest U.S. cities.
  • Chicago has the workforce scale of a major metro area, but labor cost is comparable to a smaller secondary market that is a third or a fourth our size.

Inspired by the advocacy of the Mayor’s Women’s Advisory Council, a collaborative team across the Mayor’s Office, World Business Chicago, Women Employed, and Civic Consulting Alliance is releasing a report detailing the impact of COVID-19 on women, and particularly women of color, in the workforce.

Please join us for a virtual event on Wednesday, June 29th, from 2-3pm Central time to hear key takeaways from the report, as well as a discussion from a panel of experts on the pandemic’s impact and how we can all work together to create a more equitable recovery.

Our joint report comes out soon!

Join the virtual event
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